Together with your monthly hydrobath or clip (or mix of both), we will administer your dogs parasite treatments. There are many different combinations of treatments and CLEAR Mobile Dog Grooming are happy to accommodate any specific requests, however we have found the best combination to cover all main parasites are Interceptor Spectrum and Advantix.

Our pricing is very competitive and cheaper than many large retail outlets even when buying in larger multipacks!

< 4 kg 4 - 11 kg 11 - 22 kg 22 - 45 kg
Advantix 10.0011.0011.5012.00
Interceptor Spectrum 5.757.007.508.50
Both 15.7518.0019.0020.50

Table indicates $/month. We recommend Advantix fortnightly in the summer months or in high risk Paralysis tick areas.

Interceptor protects against intestinal worms – roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, and tapeworm, as well as heartworm.

Advantix protects dogs against fleas and mosquitoes and kills and repells brown, bush, and paralysis ticks*

*No program is a 100% guarantee, so a thorough daily search all over your dogs body is essential all year round, especially in the summer during high tick season in Brisbane. It is recommended that you increase the application to fortnightly for paralysis ticks, especially in high risk areas in Brisbane and summer months.